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watching the video for FM's "So What" was...

really awkward. at an all girls school with the peeps on either side of me lyk waaaaatttttttt daaaaaa f****************???

but overall, amaizing!


Gotta say that i loved the studded prohtie, and dj virman gave the best performance! lol hahaha

I would do an FM[u]C mini ep about it, but i would have to completely blur the bodies of the beautiful ladies in the video because we try and avoid... nudity, no matter how little of it there is =P

But for real, the lil brass monkey sitting on top of the thing with the symbols reminded me of how we draw Brass in the FM[u]C gyahahaha nawwwwwwwww!


aight. I'm supposed to be doing/handing in an assignment this lesson, so i should go now <3

Great job boys, loved the song, adored the video, keep up the exceptional work!

much love,

xoxo cleo <3 <3 <3

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