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As a first post here I tought to introduce the band. Aze is me and I am Aze. Thats all to be said. O yeah theres some dudes in the background to most special Misa and Sasa Popovic. Sasa is the one playing stuff while Misa is the Joker in the Pack :) After winning several talent shows in three countries in Europe I decided to get into real profesional music. Did create abit of controversy for turning down a record deal with Grand Records in Serbia. Who can blame me they wanted to have my sweet but for 5 records and take 90% of all my income including shows. Wasnt really to hard to say no. The band is on its way to record a few videos for the selfreleased EP Vida. Sence if you are not on Youtube you dont exist I made a few small photo colage videos for all 4 songs from Vida so people can get a look on how it sounds. The four songs are maybe not our best ones but the ones I and the other in the band likes to perform most.

1. Raise your hand is a typical rock song with touch of old school rockenroll. Its about a girl who dreams of everything but cant afford even the smallest things in life.

2. I Walk away is a old school balade. Typical I love you you lie to me I leave you be REALLY happy I didnt kill you type of a song.

3. Dean (Supernatural) Ska music rocks still. Atleast if you ask Misa hes the one behind this song. A tribut to Dean from the tv show Supernatural and his "love" problems in the show.

4. Only heaven knows. Best song ever when it comes to be the last song to be played just before the bell goes in every pub. Never ever seen you but I am crazy with you lets go home :) Its actually about deep true love. You know the one that hurts.

Till next time from the only voice that matters today

Love Aze

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