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Vanessa: OKay so this girl,, she basically lives here at my house.. spends allot of time hanging with me and . yah she is my best friend.. so cherry tree my beloved home this is Chelsea XD

Chelsea: Of course I'm at your house a lot :D If it wasn't for you I think I'd always be bored out of my mind. I love how you always need a problem fixed or advice given to you, cause that's what I'm best at. We've been besties since we were fetuses pretty much haha!

Vanessa: Haahaha soo right.. okay heres the thing this chick sittin next to me.. texting bobert ( friend of ours ) yah she has kept me sain for quite some time.. basically since we met in second grade.. dude thats like holy eff eight years! Yah.. were random.. did you know that were both blonds at heart aha chelsea may have dark brown hair but dude at times she is just as blond as i am XD

Chelsea : Thanks a lot Vanessa.. love you too XD It's so true though, I must say. An example would be that I was convinced that Tokyo was in Paris. Wow. Umm, I think I need help. Hahaha. At least Vanessa's here for me :D Sometimes she's so blonde that she makes me feel smart though hehe, I love that about her! I remember in grade 4, it was sooo funny cause none of us knew what any curse words meant.. and lets just say we used them UNNECESSARILY. Hahahaha good memories <3

Vanessa: Oh yes,, I remeber when i tweeted about that.. we swore like troopers in the fourth grade. Thank goodness nobody every heard us or hmm i don't think we would be here typing this random blog thats probly making who ever reads this think we are total losers. Word up world we are losers from a small town in newfie land,, we pig out of cookie jar ice cream and have addictions to texting and pepsi max just like everyone else XD haha .. hmm.. I remeber a time a few years ago Chelsea and Amanda had come over after school intending just to chill out on a friday night. Out of no where a freak snow storm hits and they end up staying the night.. tons of root beer was chugged and haha that was the first time i burped the alphabet. YES I'M A GIRL AND I DID THAT XD

Chelsea: Hahaha nice one. Good times. Yes, Newfie's are the best :D Although people from other places are pretty awesome too! :) I remember the time me, you and Emily put up the tent downstairs in your recroom and put it right in front of the big TV and put a glowball in the top of it :D That was awesome! We slept down there all night and chugged about 3 2L's. And all those times making cookies, yay! And the night you got back from cadet camp :) Me, you, Em and Danielle hung out. I loved that night, it was awesome. Good ol' times in this one house :)

Vanessa: Yes sirr ! I can't really say this is my house anymore,, yes i live in it but you live here too XD and now that i have my couch in my room you can deff not sleep on the floor anymore XD Jk's you never sleep on the floor. Hmm,, the time we went to signal hill that one night with my brother and chris omg we were walking down the path then those two jerks scared us! I swear i would have put them both out to sea but mom says muder is illegal XD Oh well i got my revenge waking them up early the next morning hehe... Wow.. i have run out of things to say.. unless you want me to talk about owen... hehehehe .. chelsea's giving me that look again as if to say don't haha XD Yah for 3 months and 3 days i have had her drove talking about him... but what can i say I'm in love <3

Chelsea: Yeah I know sweetie, and it's cute :) I just don't think that it's neccessary for you to tell me more cause I know pretty much every little feeling you have for him. It's adorable. That night on Signal Hill was SOOO fun. What a time :D We tried the waffle bowl sundaes for the first time that night.. yay :D I also remember all our trips to Tim Hortons ;D Hahah we're such fatties! Not actually, but we are at heart XD I loveee Honey (guinea pig), she's so cute!!! I was gonna write about another funny memory but now I forget D: I hate when that happens. Ah well. SDJGSIKDGJSKDG Hahaha, why am I such a happy person? Oh yeah, I know what to write about. We have so much in common.. cause I'm also in love :D I just don't constantly talk about him ;) Hahahaha jk!!! Honey is hitting you in the face XD How cute. Anyways, your turn!!

Vanessa: Honey is here on my lap.. My baby boy Misfit is in on the table ammusing my family.. i love this :) Cause you might be Honey's new mommie :) Yayyy ! Soo happy ! Okay so i think i have run out of things to say.. for now misfits chewing on my shirt XD

Vanessa And Chelsea : Till next time PEACE OUT!

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