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wowzers. 2012 already??? I can't believe it's been a whole year already. I still look back at my blog about my flight up to Nashville a year ago. Things in college are going wonderful, I really see myself going places with my work. maybe not right now while i study, but things ARE falling into place :) my classes are hard, but teaching me so much, both about the subject, and about myself as an artist and how to utilize my gift in a way that can profit those around me. I am building. things change fast around me. classmates quit, people change, and yet so many changes are for better, a new position at work, finding out there's new artist's who are BRILLIANT on Cherrytree, and then getting better at what i do. I didnt think much progress would happen the first year. Now i look back at my work from before college and realize how wrong i was. Too many rules of art have made me a different person. I analyze my work top to bottom to make it the best I can, and am not content until it is 100% what I want. 

  New mediums are a challenge. I have never used digital medium, and yet, that's what i've always wanted to learn to do. I'm so excited to have knowledge of designing and digital medium more now than ever before. Yet as much as I know I've accomplished a lot, I still feel the need to learn more. I know there's so much out there left for me to pick up, which is why i'm soooo looking forward to this year. My resolutions this year are to gain more skills in the new digital skill's i've gained, while keeping my fine art's feel to my work. using the old to make a new. to really bring the feel of Renaissance to my work. I keep a journal all to myself where when i learn something or have an inspirational moment or even a down moment I'll write it down and keep it to remember where i was that day and why. 

         Moral of the story: if you don't think you've progressed, look back,

                               but don't look back so far that you forget where you are going. 

                                                                   ~~~SarahLynn <3

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Comment by USkipper on January 31, 2012 at 7:34am

Digital imaging can be important in unexpected ways. Recently,
i read a news article about a scientific paper detailing the discovery of
possible life on our nearby sister planet, Venus.

I commented, i hope this is true but the description sounds like it might possibly be
image artifacts of the process of first compressing digital images for radio transmission,
and then rendering them for viewing.

Someone from the L.A. area made a reply to my comment, that NASA should hire more

Hmm... maybe they should hire more artists, too!

Comment by Cherrytree Radio on January 30, 2012 at 10:48pm

Excellent!  Good luck with your resolutions!


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