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After looking at several fansites, I realized people don't care whether or not anything is considered private. Many of these people are like paparazzi. Taking pictures of them eating, taking care of their kids, and grocery shopping. There are some things that should be considered private. I mean I know they are famous and it should be expected however think about it from their perspectives. How would you feel if you were sitting in a restaurant eating on your down time which generally means no make up or no fixed hair and someone rushes in takes pictures of you and who ever happens to be there with you? I personally would find it rude. Or my all time favorites is when they take pictures of stars as they leave the doctors office. Ok. Usually when you go to the doctor you have a good reason for it. And you don't want to have that private moment invaded. Now I know they wanted to be famous or they wouldn't be in the business however does that mean they are any less a human. Should we not treat them with the same respect we expect. I say treat them the way we would like to be treated. Instead of treating them like a brand or a product treat them like the humans they are. They are treating like a brand and product enough by their management and handlers they don't need it from fans and paparazzi as well. All I am asking is that we consider how we would feel in the situations. Later

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