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There's a moment on stage
When the crowd's in a rave
That you must feel pretty inspired

About to sing a song
About love being gone
All the while being admired

All the jumping and screaming
Hundreds of girls cheering
You may wonder 'Why the big fuss?'

Well since Durch den Monsun was new
We haven't forgotten you
Now I hope you'll remember us


Being a girl in the audience
Isn't as easy as it seems
We've got to deal with pushy chicks
Painful kicks and deafening screams

But once you're on stage
The chaos seems to go away
All the fans are here
To hear what you have to say

You say you hope we remember
the words to Durch den Monsun
Of course we do; because forgetting the words
Would be like forgetting you


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Tags: hotel, poem, tokio


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