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Yeah the title explains it all! XD

I checked my email and I had 49 messages! (I check it everyday) and it was mostly from Twitter! I got a crapload of followers now! It took me 45 minutes or so to see all the updates that I missed while I was offline!

It make me wonder...what if I post the URL of the video I was in on YouTube...

I was at a friend's house when I did this! (not my house) and a lot of those things aren't like me
*not obsessed with Root Beer
*wouldn't freak out at the end like that in real life
*I have never seen Laybrinth (spelling?) before even though it was on TV in front of me
*The acting wasn't good because that camera was staring practically into my soul and it was weird...

If you want to follow me on Twitter here's my profile:

Funny videos from YouTube - I can't stop laughing!! - I saw that when it first aired! I am probably wondering what you are wondering right now... - Why do I have this weird feeling that his laughing doesn't fit his tone of voice... - Who wants Rice Krispies???? - When he gasps at the beginning makes the whole video worth it!!

Enjoy! b^^d

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