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The stars of pop-rock youth anticipated that 14 will be next Tuesday released her compilation album Best Of...During the past three years, secured the members of Tokio Hotel, have been forced to become experts in the game of "boo" because they hate the paparazzi, who try to get into their private lives and whom the sun and prosecuted shade wherever they visit.

Brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Georg Listing and Gustav Schafer said, exclusively, that the price of fame they have achieved in the past five years has been paid to the constant harassment of the media.

"Now that Tom and I live in Los Angeles we have realized the nightmare that is the paparazzi. There are paparazzi everywhere, and we do not like and prefer to hide from them. I hate the paparazzi, we hate them, I think the photographers engaged in that are the worst people in the world and must be bad people to pursue that.

"They make money on the lives of others without any effort, destroy lives, ruin careers, invade the privacy of a human being. I hate them, "Bill said in the talk that took place yesterday at a downtown hotel in the city.

The German quartet, which formed a decade ago and is popular for hits like "Automatisch", "Final Day" and "Phantomrider" said that on Wednesday, when they arrived to Mexico City, slipped to its staff to tourists taste.

"We had fun in the evening, we ate very rich and drank all the tequila we could. We tried pulque, much as I did not like tequila. We are not caused or raw, are good drinkers, was a delight. Mexico means a lot of excitement for us, too hot, the sun, this weather is so rich, "said Bill's twin brother, Tom.

In the meeting with the group prior to their performance last night at the Palacio de los Deportes, they were shocked to learn that Mexican fans competed with the Spanish to break the record of who hoped for more time outside the building where they would play , a record that fans of the country and imposed ... Three weeks!

The stars of pop-rock youth anticipated that 14 will be next Tuesday released his Best Of compilation album, which included English and German compositions that have become famous throughout the world, like "Monsoon," "Scream" and "Humanoid."

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