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Traveling to Dallas for Natalia Kills and Robyn (Gilly's Southside Music Hall 2/18/11)

Hi Everyone! Here's the blog about me getting to travel all the way from Northwest Arkansas to Dallas to attend the Robyn and Natalia Kills concert at Gilly's South Side Music Hall, and it was soooooo worth it.  First off let me begin by saying that this will not be as much of a picture blog because once I was inside of the venue I realized I had forgotten my camera and wasn't allowed to go back out to get it, so I'm going to try to make this as much of a recap as I can through words. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!


Well... anyways, our journey started off by all of us hopping into the car to head to Dallas. Here are some pic's from the trip:



What else should this trip smell like?
Meet my friend Sarah, who accompanied me to the show.... she basically slept the whole way, and stole a pair of my Beats and MacBook.Random, but heres a close up of the front of my MacBook... It is slowly becoming what I like to call.... cool.




Okay, so after our six-hour long trip to dallas, we hung out a little bit, had some cheesecake, and then headed back to the venue for the fun to start.



We arrived at the venue to be greeted by Natalia's manager who took us back to wait on Natalia Kills to get done with interviews.  After a short amount of time just hanging out in the back (sitting on a ramp, meeting some of the workers, and one of the other act's managers) Kills started walking towards us.  When she finally got to us how else would she greet us in any other way but "Hi, I'm Kills" with a smile and her accent in tow (as stunning as Natalia is, I must admit that I was WAY less nervous about meeting a Cherrytree artist than my first with FM).  Once we were aquatinted we headed into the back of the venue to talk some more and hang out while ANOTHER team got ready for an interview/photo shoot.  Getting to hang out with Natalia and talk on a personal basis left me knowing that she is the true artist she claims to be, smart, passionate about what she's doing, and will soon be a force to reckon with in the music industry (watch out!).


We had to take a break from our chat so Natalia could do her interview (which she breezed through with ease), and do a quick photo shoot followed by her having to run off really quick to take care of something.... we were told to stay put.  While we waited the photographer called us over and let us take a sneak peak on how the photos turned out, and let me say that she is VERY photogenic. (I'll add a link when they become available)


After that, Natalia came back and started to stick up more conversation with us, but was again swept off because it was getting close to showtime! Maybe next time.


One more thing;  While we were with her, the photographer took a picture of all of us together (very nice of him).  Actually, turns out his name is Jonathan Zizzo and he is a pretty famous photographer. Go check out some of his work at

Heres the picture he took of all of us!


After that, we made our way to the part of the venue where the actual show was.  We took a quick pit stop at the stage, and actually went UP on it.  Kills' manager even gave us a quick tour and showed us all the cool audio gear! (you can see the people looking up at us in the lower right hand corner)

(.... Ethan needs a haircut....)



Natalia's set:  We waited with the audience for a short amount of time, and waited for Kills to start her portion of the show.  Suddenly, the music stopped, Natalia with a dancer/pianist appears on stage, and she goes right into a beautiful acoustic version of her hit 'Mirrors' that left everyone in shock over the beautiful voice she has. After that she went straight into 'Wonderland' (my personal favorite), followed by 'Love Is A Suicide' which could only leave you amazed by the performance element present (a key moment is when Kills dragged one of dancers across the stage by the hair), and a finale of the Mirrors that virtually left the whole audience's love-grenades small traces of shrapnel.  After finally getting to see Natalia Kills live for the first time, I CANNOT wait to get the chance to see her again with a longer set.  It is truly going to be a thrill getting to watch her grow as an artist over the next couple of years and make herself something big. AND her album, The Perfectionist, drops in April; so theres something to look forward to!


Heres a clip of her performance from that night (credit goes to morlyn1)


Shortly after Natalia's set we get the word that we can go back and give a quick hi to Robyn. 

I will have to go ahead and say, that meeting Robyn was the surreal moment of the night; and all I can say is "wow." and "thank you." for your presence, conversation, and words of encouragement.  She really is a very sweet and humble person behind being a world renown bad-a.


We went back to take our place in the audience to get ready for the show.  Soon the music faded and we were left with a silence that announced Robyn's crew (two keyboardist and two drummers) to appear on stage in white lab coats.  The room then suddenly became void of silence as a launch sequence began for the show.  The music began to morph into something recognizable and soon, out of no where, you hear a faint "Hey, what did I do?" that grew louder and louder into a "Can't believe the fit I just threw" and the crowed was already having a mindless fit on what was to come.  Robyn literally blasted off into song after song without skipping a beat.  This is defiantly a show I am glad I took the trip out to see, and probably will make again.  Through-out the show we moved spots here and there to get a vantage point and I ended up next to a wall on the side which actually allowed for me to get a better view and just stand there and absorb everything that was going on; from the next-level lights, to the next-level dancing, to the next-level singing, to the next-galaxy stage presence.... all you other musicians and "musicians", step it up because you're in trouble.  Soon Robyn came to what seemed to be the end of her show and they all took a boy and exited the stage.... The crowed wasnt about to have that and cheered untill she came back out to do a few more songs (including my favorite, Hang With Me).  Then she exited the stage again... only to return once more!  But then, sadly, the time after this was the last and the show ended. Everyone left that venue walking on clouds not fully aware of what they just witnessed.  



To the people this goes to: Thank you for allowing me to experience, it truly means a lot.


After pictures (the goods):

I lugged my limited edition Zombie promo Vinyl to Dallas to have Ms. Kills sign it for me.  "Dear Ethan, Take me to Wonderland. Love, Natalia Kills"


I managed to get all my Robyn CDs signed! (Robyn, Body Talk pt. 1, Body Talk pt. 2, Body Talk) She was really sweet about it too, and even personalized them for me!


Two shirts I picked up at the venue. Very cool. (Let's see how proud I can make Natalia by getting in trouble for wearing it at school)


Thanks for reading guys! Experiences like this are so hard to explain, it's unreal.  I am truly grateful for every opportunity I get like this, and it is such a great reward for getting to watch something like this grow :).







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Comment by Greg Coleman on November 6, 2011 at 8:33am
So cool! I met Natalia last week and it was the best day of my life! How did you get that Zombie picture vinyl? I've been looking all over for it!
Comment by Poly ☆ on March 15, 2011 at 6:56pm
Your the daddy Mac


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