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Why is it that everyday we turn on our televisions we see negativity and prejudices? We are all human. We are all inside. Why do people for stupid reasons? Right now more than ever we should be standing together and helping or fellow man whether or not he/she looks like you or believes in the same things as you. To look down upon someone for the colour of their skin, their age, their sex, their religion, their sexuality, their nationality, or financial stature is nothing but being juvenile. With all of the technological advancements we as a species have made, how is it that we have not learned to love one another for who we are.
Today for example, I went to McDonald's and as soon as I entered I got nothing but hateful stares and glares. I wear hip-hop clothes but wear rocker eye make-up. But just because of what I looked like I was treated differently. When I went to get a seat to eat my food people got up and left so they wouldn't have to sit by me. And that is just an example of what people go through when they dress differently. I can assure you that when you are a different colour or religion it is far worse.
When I was in college (yes I went for a year but gave it up so my brother could go) most of my friends were black. We were driving through a small community in central Indiana up by Indianapolis. We stopped at a gas station to get cigarettes and pop. The attendant refused to serve my three male friends because they were black so I bought everything. About a mile down the road we were pulled over by a town cop. He immediately pulled his gun and ordered us from the car. He told me to wait by his car while he talked to my friends. The next thing I know he is searching our car. He said he had probable cause because they looked like suspicious individuals and that he wasn't going to have drug running going on in his town. He didn't find anythng. He slowly backed up to his vehicle and told us we could go just not to ever come back to his town. We had been harrassed by him because of the colour of their skin. Needless to say we never went back to Indy to go to the clubs ever again because we would have to go through this town to go. Instead we would drive to Chicago or Gary to go to clubs or bars.
And on the religious front, I have been dealing with religious prejudice my whole life because I am a pagan. I worship the Fates and the Norse gods. There has been times when I have been refused service because of my religion. I wear a pentagram, a goddess moon, and and ankh necklace and because of this they refuse service. I have gotten to were I hardly ever go to restaurants to eat because I don't know whether or not I will actually get service. I have had waiters and waitresses refuse to serve me when they would see my necklace.
I have a great many of gay friends. I find them enjoyable and individualistic. They are for the most part some of the coolest people I know. Many of them don't judge you by the way you look, dress, or your religion. Many of them have learned that you miss out on knowing some great people when you start being prejudice against a sect of people.
So why is it that the news lately have begun to show case all of this negativity? Do they not realize by showcasing it they are unintentionally spreading the hate? If we don't start teaching the next generation to love and accept others then we are no better than we were 200 years ago. If we don't learn from our mistakes then it will be the children of the future who will pay the price.

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