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Top 15 People I Look Up To At The Moment

Before I get into this, I just wanna say, yes, I know my music does not work. I'm an idiot and so therefore, no music. Ah well, -shrugs-. Anyway, to the important people.

1. Yu Phoenix, Kiro, Romeo Nightinggale, Strify, and Shin
2. Bill Kaulitz, Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schaffer, Georg Listings Oh! And Tobi and Saki for keeping our boys safe :)
3. Andy Sixx
4. Axel Rose
5. Miyavi
6. Reita, Ruki, Aoi, Kai, Uruha
7. Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Joe
8. Blink 182
9. Matt from Bullet For My Valentine
10. My Friends(They are silly and crazy, but their mine and I luff them)
11. Derrick "Tripp Lee" Tribbett(Sinister from D.O.L)
12. Slipknot
13. Tite Kubo(Author of the Bleach Manga Series)
14. Takeshi Konomi, I think is how you spell it(Author of the Prince of Tennis Manga)
15. Synster Gates and Zacky Vengance from Avenged Sevenfold. I really hope to shred like him one day.

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