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TONIGHT: Far East Movement Perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Don’t miss Far East Movement TONIGHT on Jimmy Kimmel Live! PERFORMING “Jello” and a portion of “Girls On The Dance Floor”. Midnight on ABC.

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Comment by USkipper on February 8, 2012 at 10:47pm

Great job FM~!
i was less happy with the JK show, they talk too fast!

there was a super-quick blurb about live streaming (or something)
but all i found was the ABC site supporting the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

that site is a somewhat confused clutter.

Their home-page blurb was not type-set neatly (they should have SarahLynn do it)
it looks something like this...

Nathan Fillion (Castle); Josh
Hutcherson (Journey 2: The
Mysterious Island); Musical Guest Far
East Movement (Performing in

with titles broken up onto different lines!

A site visitor in a hurry, or distracted, could easily miss something important, or worse
yet, remember an unintended visual impression based on visual word-clutter, and tell all
their friends about something that won't happen, like "the mysterious east movement".

Being a big fan of adventure movies, like Ray Harryhausen's for example, i
wanted to hear about "Mysterious Island", maybe see a few clips, but noooo

they were yammering about arresting crazed fans in Kentucky or something.
i lost track of the convo, and i could care less. phooey

not even one image from the movie. did i blink and miss it? i kid you not.


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