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That’s right! NO HATE! Well, let me rephrase that to No H8ERS – No haters! Those of you who might know of this campaign, it’s not a real photograph pretties; It was upgraded from some celebrity’s face to this sexy, scrumptious and sizzling hot guitarist of Tokio Hotel. Well I call it upgraded because definitely, with Tom Kaulitz’s face on that campaign. Trust me; the campaign will go on much sexier and more recognizable to the world. This campaign is about them going against the law of banning same-sex marriage to cut the story short.

Honestly, countering on this photograph I have no clue really what does No H8 means until I did a little research and got to know more about it. Bad boy coming your way is what I can say.

Fashion wise? Visually edited of course He nailed a plain white t-shirt if you ask me. What could be more eye-catching than a boy with head-turning cornrows, smoldering brown eyes and lips that were covered with a metallic color duct tape along with the hands. Itsy, bitsy spider climbing up his Arms, look at the veins and it will make you pop! Try singing it out loud with the tune, it rhymes. (; Girl, he’s calling out for you like you’re a sexy siren in the middle of a dessert, craving for your attention. Take the video clip of a year without rain from Selena Gomez & the Scene; Imagine you in that stunning dress, and Tom K. as that boy under the rain waiting for you. Please, you won’t just be falling into a supermassive black h***; you’d be drowning in it along with him as he blasts you with the sound of his electric guitar and his catchy smile. So don’t waste this opportunity and answer him. This boy looks like he is seeking for salvation, come to him, make him wonder how a “tru calling” is. Don’t be a Hater, be a modernize lover.

Ps, You could search more on this campaign when you click on this link below. Many hot celebrities come together on this campaign. From boys with serious abs and girls with to-die-for body! Okay well, not all. Tom still wins the best picture hands down even if it’s not Truly him. (:

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