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Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz reportedly hit a young woman, 21, in the face after she pressed a cigarette out on his car. She made charges against him. BILD revealed that the woman belongs to a stalker gang from France. They call themselves 'Les afghanes on tour' [The Afghans on Tour].

'The gang is made of 4 girls that have been following the band's every move. The women are often masked or cover their mouths. The stalkers have also crowded around the band's apartment, threw eggs at their cars, wrote threatening letters and harassed their families.

In one of the threat letters to Tokio Hotel that BILD has, the girls claim they are more than normal fans, and threatened the band that in the following weeks to expect a 'small nightmare'. It reads: 'Attention, attention... We are unsatisfied. We're getting impatient. DO YOU UNDERSTAND US???'

Even Bill and Tom's mother has been threatened the past week and has even been attacked. Charges were put in against the stalkers. Tokio Hotel's manager has confirmed to BILD that the incident occurred: 'One of the hooded stalker girls attacked a family member of Bill and Tom on the April 8. We put in charges the following day against the girl and now another complaint.

April 21st - Tokio Hotel’s manager David Jost spoke to BILD on April 17th saying that for the past few months the band had been dealing with a group of 5 French girls. They wrote threatening letters to the band, one that was obtained by the newspaper states that they were to cause a “nightmare” for the band in upcoming weeks. That nightmare is allegedly the incident that took place on April 15.

Jost revealing that on April 8th an incident involving the girls in masks chasing and assaulting band members Bill, and Tom’s mother occurred and that the band pressed charges against and would now be pressing more. Also it is said that these girls threw eggs at the band members cars and houses and verbally harassed the members.

All of these incidents were reported as rumors on fan clubs, forums, and fan sites prior to April 15th.

On a now deleted Myspace account the girls referred to themselves as “The Afghans on Tour”. On the profile videos of the band along with images of the girls wearing simple masks to Afghan scarves over their face can be seen while Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi plays in the background. One girl in the images appears to have a black eye.

April 22nd and 23rd - No new news.

April 24th -
"Tokio Hotel stars Tom and Bill Kaulitz have been given a peace offering from a fan's lawyer. The girl who Tom attacked at a petrol station last week has asked her lawyer to offer the boys an ultimatum. The fan - who has been accused of stalking the singers - has said she will drop criminal charges against Tom for assault if he drops charges against her. David Jost, the producer and manager of Tokio Hotel, said: "We will only agree to the offer if it is guaranteed that the stalker will stay away from the band members and their families." "

April 25th - "Agreement failed with Tokio Hotel: Kaulitz raving fans want to continue to stalk and have fired lawyer."

For months masked girls harassed Tokio Hotel ( MOPO reported). In one case a fan even attacked the mother from the twins, and Tom and Bill had filed charges. And the stalkers don't want to stop, according to the manager David Jost. After the scandal at the gas station (where Tom slapped the French girl Perrine) the lawyer of the fanatic girls wanted to find a settlement. The Teenie-Stars offered the girl gang to drop the lawsuit, under the condition the girls confirm in writing, that they will never ever get close to Tom and Bill's family again. But the girls don't want to stop. They fired their lawyer. Two of three stalkers have removed their attorney, said Jost.

April 25th - Girl gang stops new album from Tokio Hotel

The latest incident concerning these mad girls seems to be responsible of the delay of the new album's release date. Bill and Tom should be in Los Angeles right now to finish their new album. The tickets were booked but the Tokio Hotel twins stayed at home. Out of fear for the safety of their mother, who has been threatened by the French girl gang "afghans on tour".

Eleven days ago, Tom supposedly hit French Perinne D at a gas station in Hamburg. She cussed at him and pressed a cigarette against his car.

The peak in the month-long hunt of the band? "Besides numerous harassment and threats a few times they almost had a few car accidents because of the car chasing", said manager David Jost. Bill and Tom pressed charges, so did Perrine D.

Then the lawyer of the French girls offered to drop the charges if the twins would do the same. "Our condition was that they would sign a declaration/agreement in which they would agree to stay away from the boys and their families". Instead of signing the girls fired their lawyer. Jost: "So we will not drop the charges. Now our lawyer will ask for a restraining order (if that is the right word, I am not sure of that one) and file the other charges".

The girls had already thrown bottles at the cars in the past, said the manager. On the 8th of April, they threatened the mother of the twins.
Jost: "threatening the mother and assaulting her, is the worse thing for Bill and Tom". As soon as it comes to their family members, they will postpone all their previous priorities. That is why Bill and Tom did not want to leave their mother alone.

Where does this immense hate for the band come from? An insider in the Fan world explained to Bravo magazine: A year ago, the French girls rented a house on the same property as the Tokio Hotel twins, to get closer to the boys. But Bill and Tom wanted their peace and quiet to enjoy their days off. The insider continues: The stalkers would not accept that and got mad / pissed. What will happen with the band and the girls now, it doesn't have anything to do with fan love anymore, that is for sure.

We speak out to you now, as we have done so many times before. But that does not mean this is less important. It's the other way around really: This is highly important for us and it is crucial that this is being taken seriously:
Stalking the band in any way is nothing we support! We have been writing about it and calling out to you TH-fans regarding this subject not very long ago and: We still stand by everything we said!
For fans to act like paparazzi, following the band around everywhere, to their home, is not ok!
Even worse is for "fans" to harass family members and friends to the band.
We beg you all; please respect the privacy of all of the band members, their families and friends! We are talking about human beings here. As famous as they may be, they are humans for God sake, and they deserve the privacy of their own home and in their free time!

We can only hope that you all agree.
After witnessing the news these last few days, we sincerely hope you are all aware of how much damage stalkers actually causes for the band.

And a website for you to leave a message for the boys.

Watch the video.... it is about everything that's been happening with Tom's case and stalkers...

the video is in German... translation in the description.

Please, please sign this petition. It only takes 1 minute of your time but will help out with the Tom Kaulitz case! We need to let the guys at TH know that we support and love them!

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