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Tokio Hotel Studio - Informations

Well maybe you have heard this but i decided follow the situation about the fans who are camping on tokio hotel's studio, so i'll post all of information i can.
These informations are circulating on the internet and there isn't any official confirmation.

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-The twins are in Hamburg and they are shocked with fan's danger. They insulted and Bill couldn't even drive his car.
-Georg had an incident with a german fan (nothing serious)
-There were some photos took through the window and it could see two or three rooms inside.
-It was 5 cars and 20 fans.
-Police has been called to the site.
-A group of groupies had arrived and knocked the wall down of the garden that divided the studio of the fans. They were closer of them. Bill had started crying.
-After the previous situation, there are more security.
-The photos just can be taken with a distance of 20m.
-The number of fans has increased.
-A fan said: "They are a shame, not us."
-There are a rumour that the band has already left the studio to spent the Easter with family.
-It's spreading on websites that there are fans who had lacked to school (last week) and others had escaped from home.
-New rumors that some fans has gone to twins house to throw eggs.
-Fans are thinking that all can be a rumour of french fans.
-Simone, twins and Andreas are in their house and everytime they appear, fans scream.
-There is more fans in the site.
-A fan talked about Skalters or people that follow them everywhere has done:
"It has happened more things there. Mothers has taken their children to the fence that encloses the twins' house where they hang to take photos to the cars. They showed the "middle finger", insulted them and they followed Andreas and waited on Fridays where he lives, they followed twins family and everybody that is connected with Tokio Hotel. They also tried to stole their dogs and correspondence. They insulted them and their family. The list is so long as a river."
-According the news, what happen between Georg and the german fan was something with his car and she apologized him.

-A fan that has arrived at studio says: "I'm on studio doing crazy things now. I can't even discribe, it's bizarre.
-Two fans has been contacted. One of them (who was there in 7th April) said: "When i was there, i saw fans sleeping with their bags."
The other girl that was at studio last week said: "It's totally fake the story about fans are sleeping in front of studio or twins' house."
-The fan that has said that it was all lie was contacted again. Asked her how did she know that there wasn't people sleeping there, so she said: "I know some fans that were there this weekend and it wasn't anybody sleeping there, just some fans taking photos. About Bill was crying is lie. He just was bored for there were a lot of fans at the studio.

I will posted more when i knew something new.
I reforce that this is just RUMOURS yet.

(P.S.: Sorry for my bad english. If you don't understand something you can ask me.)

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