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This is a long story about how my love for Tokio Hotel came about..

Once upon a time, I was at a small store that sells Mexican Magazines.
Before Tokio Hotel, my favorite band was RBD. They had this magazine called
"Rebelde" and I saw it at the small store, and I just knew I had to have
specifically that certain one. The reason being that my idol, Anahi, was on the front
cover. (This one)
Anyway, I bought it, and was happy. I started reading into it and there they were.
Tokio Hotel.
The first person I noticed was Tom. And then Bill. The first thing I thought was literally
"Wow. Their nose is so perfect." LOL. They were beautiful. (This photo!)
Anyway, I read their interview. And Tom was the one I liked the best.
I remember him saying that he liked the Olsen twins.
[I used to be like thier #1 fan along with my sis. No lie. We owned all of their movies/books/cd's.]
And they also said that Tom and Bill were 18 . =D
So that was it, of the magazine. They grabbed my attention.

So a few days passed, and I hadn't really thought about them anymore.
I was randomly on YouTube one day, and remembered how much I used to
love Mary-Kate & Ashley, so I YouTubed them.
And as I kept on clicking on "Related Videos" something popped up.
A video about Tom & Bill with the song "I am the cute one". [unfortunately not on YouTube anymore]
I clicked it, recongnizing them.
I watched and and thought they were so different and wierd looking. But cute.
After that, I YouTubed Tokio Hotel.
And that's how it all Began.

I swear, YouTube is amazing. I love it.
Thanks to it, I saw all these different videos of Tokio Hotel,
and just thought they were so interesting, and beautiful.
Their music left me speechless.
They're different than anybody out there. There's Something so special about them.
I listened to Monsoon, then Scream, etc.
I fell in love with them immediately. Especially "Love is Dead".
Wow. YouTube is pretty much the whole reason that I am their fan.
Thank god I was ever introduced to Tokio Hotel.
The greatest band ever.

---NOTE: This all happened between May & July of 2008.---

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Comment by julianna alexa herrera on December 16, 2009 at 8:20pm
wow that is so cooli became a fan 4 life in april 2008!


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