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Has anybody else noticed the difference between the English and German versions of the songs? It seems to me the English versions were "Americanized" and not as "weird" or "electronic" as the ones in German. Can you guess which ones I like better? Of course, it's the Deutsch version I like best. The German lyrics are more meaningful and are more interesting!

So, Tokio Hotel, why didn't you translate them into English this way?

From Sonnensystem, the chorus is:
Hallo Raumschiffkapitän
Hallo ham Sie das gesehen?
Die ganzen Sterne fehlen
Im schwarzen Sonnensystem
Im schwarzen Sonnensystem

which is translated into:
Hello, Spaceship Captain
Hello, have you seen this?
All the stars are misssing
In the black sun system
In the black sun system

yet the English version's chorus goes like:
Hello! The end is near
Hello! Were still standing here
The Futures just begun
On the dark side of the sun
On the dark side of the sun

WTF? Lol. Now don't get me wrong. I <3 Tokio Hotel as much as the next gal. But, I really love their German lyrics, and I almost wish they hadn't made an English version because unfortunately American girls who won't take the time to notice the difference will miss out on the deeper Deutsch lyrics.

Another example is 'Human Connect to Human' vs. 'Menschen suchen Menschen'.

Menschen suchen Menschen chorus:
Menschen suchen Menschen
Jeder sucht für sich allein
Menschen brauchen Menschen
Wir wollen nicht alleine sein
Menschen suchen Menschen
Irgendwo suchst du nach mir
6 milliarden Menschen
Wie Krieg' ich kontakt zu dir?

translated into:
People search people
Everyone searches on his own
People need people
We don't want to be alone
People search people
Somewhere you search for me
6 billions of people
How do I get contact to you?

now the English version:
Human connect to human
Boy meets girl, know what to do
Human connect to human
How can I connect to you?
Human connect to human
Boy meets girl, know what to do
Human connect to human
How can I connect to you?

Many fans are saying the English version is just sexual, and if you look at the simple lyrics of the English version, they could be viewed that way. But in the German version, it's obvious the lyrics are about just finding someone to be with and not being alone, whether it's sexual or not. The Deutsch lyrics are once again having a much deeper meaning.

And it's not just with these two songs, it's all of them! What the heck, Tokio Hotel? lol. Some of us American girls can handle the non-wishy-washy lyrics of your Mother Tongue! (I mean, I've been listening to Rammstein since I was 10 ^_^ And their Deutsch lyrics translated are definately not for young people lol).

With that rant out of the way, I want to congratulate the boys on their immediate success of the new album. The new album's sound is more developed and more grown up than the last two albums, along with the fact that the boys are getting better all around. More practiced and well rounded. Thank you for branching out into new genres and not just making each album/song sound exactly like each other. I like that each song you have ever made is your sound, but not the same.

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Comment by annetted1214 on November 11, 2009 at 2:15pm
I totally agree. Like the literal translations much better.


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