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"Tokio Hotel" interview at Fan PArty August 15, 2009

"Bill (button up shirt girl)": I use like all different kinds of hairspray and straighteners. I go through so many. Im always getting hairspray from fans.

Girl: How long did it take for your new tattoo?

Bill: *shows 4 fingers* 4 hours

Irina: Hold on! No touching the boys!

Girl (Gizmo): Will you marry me? (Asking Bill)


Bill: I'd rather not say *But gives slightest nod*


Bill: *turns around and hides chest*

Irina: Whats up with the stalkers? Seriously?

"Georg (girl with shades)*: They're just jealous haterz

Bill: *mutters something intelligent into mic*

"Tom (girl with knee high converse)": I just wanna say to the fans, were coming up with a new album... Humanoid.

Bill: *Mutters something off topic about the stalker situation being taken car of*

Irina: Okay, how about you teach us some german, Tom?

Tom: *mutters something in perverted german into mic*

Irina: What does that mean

Tom: You dont wannaaaa Know!!

Irina: OKay Bill, you have to do some kind of pose. COme on

Bill: *does sexy arch in right eyebrow with pointy finger pose*

Bill: Wisent

Rest of band: Tokio Hotel

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Comment by iRiNa on November 11, 2009 at 5:25pm
lmfao ^.^ yay

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