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My drawings... not too shabby for an amateur XD
p.s i know they're not that great/nor are they finished but that wont stop me from sharing it with the world <3 Tell me what you think :D THANKS!

1. Tom: This is the first time I ever drew anybody from Tokio Hotel. I'm not finished cuz I can't quite get the other eye right LOL but w.e. here it is :D

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2. Bill: I thought this was pretty okay looking, obviously it isn't perfect looking, not like Bill is <3

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3. Der Letzte Tag: I called this drawing "The Final Day" which happens to be one of my favorite Tokio Hotel songs. I really spent some time on this drawing and I really liked the finished project <3

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comments anyone??

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Tags: bill, der, hotel, kaulitz, letzte, tag, tokio, tom


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