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Why September 19th?

Well, because in September we celebrate the birthdays of 3 of the 4 members of Tokio Hotel; Gustav, Bill and Tom! So you can have 3 weekends in a row for celebrating!

Who organizes it?

Us, all of the Tokio Hotel fans! The little staff that is “in charge” of this, we are not part of any fan club and we don’t credit anything in specific to ourselves because we know that we will do all the work together and the fans we will achieve this together too !

Okay, how will The Tokio Hotel Day work ?

First of all, you already know that this will be a great event and it has to reach every part of the world !

The activities that are going to happen are going to depend on each person, people who are in fan clubs can organize fan parties, or if you are in street team, then sep19 would be a very good day to do street team! Let’s support and invade all of the streets ! If you are an independent fan, you can organize yourself with your friends and saturate radio stations with emails, the programs of music tv, of your cd and obviously also of the local magazines. All of this we can begin doing it before, so that Sep 19 we celebrate a lot! I think that in sep19 the new cd will already be out, but, generally we buy it more than one time, so this is the indicated day for running to your favorite CD store and buy the new material of tokiohotel, the single that is in the radio we have to support it since the day it’s out, but in the Tokio Hotel Day we have to go crazy with the magazines, radio stations and tv programs like MTV.

We have to do a lot of promotion! !on webs, channels, blogs, with your msn contacts and everywhere until the last fan of Tokio hotel be aware of this very important date.

So we leave the rest in your hands girls!.

[email protected] we put this email at your disposition to send us what you are doing waiting for TokioHotel day : videos, photos etc will be uploading everything to the blog until the big day come , the blog adress :

(girls please be patient, we are improving the blog) Thank you and remember TOKIO HOTEL DAY coming soon !!!!!!! !

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Comment by tokita kaulitz on June 1, 2009 at 6:42pm
yupi jejeje mas o menos le entiendo jeje
eske no se mucho el ingles
pero no importa lo ke le entienda jaja viva th son lo mejor
Comment by Helena on May 31, 2009 at 11:07am
can't wait !!!!

this will be coool !!!


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