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Tokio Hotel call for revenge

Despite the large commercial fiasco meant 'Humanoid' Tokio Hotel will not throw in the towel and announced for the Dec. 14 publication of 'The Best Of'. In addition to gathering the best songs of the German formation, the compilation includes a new song: 'Hurricanes And Suns'.

'Humanoid' third studio album from our beloved post-emos did not work either commercially or within the international criticism. Failure Is that reason enough to start thinking about the final decline of Tokio Hotel, a formation which, since its inception flashed, he was not ventured a great evolution? Too hasty, too artificial, that success immediately smelled a strange odor emanating artificiality.
It could be the beginning of the end or just a slip on a career and five years, during which Tokio Hotel have sold over a million and a half albums. To sum up this path, to remember the times when everything was great optimism, the quartet is about to release 'The Best Of' which not only contains some of the greatest successes of the project led by Bill Kaulitz but it also brings a exclusive song by the name of 'Hurricanes And Suns'.
'The Best Of', which will be released on December 14, will be available in two different editions:
- The English version
- The German version that includes a DVD with video clips and six 'Making Of'
Here are the details of both editions. Which do you prefer? With songs sung in English or German?
German version:
CD 1:
1.Durch Den Monsun
2.Der Letzte Tag
3.Mädchen aus dem All
4.Übers Ende Der Welt
6.An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
Nicht 7.Spring
Uns 9.Lass Laufen
11.Ich Brech Aus
Jetzt Immer 12.Für
Mich 13.Rette
Meere 14.1000
18.Bonustrack: Hurricans And Suns (2010)
Bonus DVD
Video clips
1.Durch den Monsun
Mich 5.Rette
6.Der Letzte Tag
Schliesser 7.Wir Uns Ein
8.Übers Ende der Welt
9.Ready, Set, Go!
Nicht 10.Spring
11.Don 't Jump
12.An Deiner Seite (Ich Bin Da)
13.By Your Side
Uns 16.Lass Laufen
Behind My Wall 17.World
18.Darkside of the Sun
Making of:
1.Making of "Monsoon"
2.Making of "Schrei"
3.Making of "Übers Ende der Welt"
4.Making of "Spring Nicht"
5.Making of "Automatic"
6.Making of "World Behind My Wall"
English version
1.Darkside Of The Sun
And 3.Hurricanes Suns
4.Ready, Set, Go!
Behind My Wall 5.World
9.Break Away
10.Final Day
Now 11.Forever
12.By Your Side
13.Rescue Me
Oceans 14.1000
16.Don 't Jump

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