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Tokio Hotel and Fans Win MTV O Music Award

The celebration of the brand new MTV O Music Award show took place in Las Vegas, US yesterday night. The four rock stars of Tokio Hotel from Germany received an award in the category "Fan Army". Tokio Hotel were the only European act that scored one of the prestigious trophies.

Congratulations to Tokio Hotel and their fans on this win! You can check out the history of Tokio Hotel's award wins below.


    01.    Comet Awards: Best Newcomer, Germany
    02.    Comet Awards: Supercomet, Germany
    03.    Eins Live Krone: Best Newcomer, Germany
    04.    Bambi Awards: Best Pop National Act, Germany
    05.    Golden Penguin: Best Single, Österreich
    06.    Golden Penguin: Best Pop/Rock Band 2005, Österreich

    07.    ECHO Awards: Best Newcomer, Germany
    08.    Steiger Awards: Best Newcomer, Germany
    09.    BRAVO Otto: Best Band Rock - Golden Otto, Germany
    10.    Bild Osgar Awards: Music Award, Germany
    11.    Goldene Stimmgabel Awards: Best German Popband, Germany
    12.    Eins Live Krone: Best Liveact, Germany
    13.    Radio Regenbogen Awards: Pop National 2005, Germany
    14.    Sold-out-Award of Königpilsen Arena: Ausverkaufte Tourhalle, Germany
    15.    World Music Awards: Best-Selling German Act
    16.    Comet Ungarn: Best Foreign Band, Ungarn
    17.    Comet Ungarn: Best Foreign Newcomer, Ungarn
    18.    Hungarian Popcorn Awards : Best Newcomer International, Ungarn
    19.    Hungarian Bravo Otto: Best Newcomer, Ungarn
    20.    Hungarian Bravo Otto: Best Band International, Ungarn
    21.    MTV France: Best Rock Band, Frankreich
    22.    Golden Penguin: Album Of The Year, Österreich
    23.    Golden Penguin: Band Of The Year, Österreich
    24.    Golden Penguin: Song Of The Year - "Der Letzte Tag", Österreich
    25.    Bayerischer Musiklöwe, Germany

    26.    European Border Breakers Award, Europa
    27.    BZ-Kulturpreis Awards: Rock Award, Germany
    28.    ECHO Awards: Best Video National, Germany
    29.    BRAVO Otto: Superband Rock - Gold Otto, Germany
    30.    Comet Awards : Best Video, Germany
    31.    Comet Awards : Best Band, Germany
    32.    Comet Awards : Supercomet, Germany
    33.    Goldene Stimmgabel Awards: Best Band, Germany
    34.    DMMA: Most Popular Leading Website, Europa
    35.    Festivalbar in Italien: Digital Prize, Italien
    36.    TMF Awards Belgien: Best Pop International, Belgien
    37.    TMF Awards Belgien: Best New Act International, Belgien
    38.    TMF Awards Belgien: Best Album International, Belgien
    39.    TMF Awards Belgien: Best Video International, Belgien
    40.    MTV European Music Awards "Inter Act", Europa
    41.    Kids Choice Award Italien "Best Band International", Italien

    42.    Rock Björnen: Best International Act, Schweden
    43.    NRJ Award: Beste Band/ Bestes Duo International, Frankreich
    44.    Goldene Kamera: Beste Musik National, Germany
    45.    ECHO: Bestes Video National "Spring Nicht", Germany
    46.    EMMA: Best International Act, Finnland
    47.    Disney Channel Kids Awards Italy - Best International Act,Italien
    48.    Holländischer Hitkrant Award - Hottest Hunk, Niederlande
    49.    Holländischer Hitkrant Award - Best Concert, Niederlande
    50.    Holländischer Hitkrant Award - Scariest Guy, Niederlande
    51.    Holländischer Hitkrant Award - Song That Stays In Your Head "Monsoon", Niederlande
    52.    Holländischer Hitkrant Award - Best Mood "Monsoon", Niederlande
    53.    BRAVO Otto: Beste Band Rock - Silberner Otto, Germany
    54.    TRL Awards Italien: Best Band, Italien
    55.    TRL Awards Italien: Best No.1 (Monsoon), Italien
    56.    Comet 2008 Bester Live Act, Germany
    57.    Comet 2008 Beste Band, Germany
    58.    Comet 2008 Bestes Video, Germany
    59.    Super Comet 2008, Germany
    60.    MTV Video Music Award "Best New Artist", USA
    61.    MTV Latin Awards: Song des Jahres, Latein Amerika
    62.    MTV Latin Awards: Best Newcomer, Lateinamerika
    63.    MTV Latin Awards: Best Fanclub (Venezuela), Lateinamerika
    64.    MTV Latin Awards: Best Ringtone, Lateinamerika
    65.    MTV Europe Music Award "Best Headliner", Europa
    66.    TMF Awards Belgien: Best Male International, Belgien
    67.    TMF Awards Belgien : Best Video International Tokio Hotel - Don't Jump, Belgien  

    68.    TRL Award Italien, Italien
    69.    Comet 2009 Bester Online Star, Germany
    70.    Bayerischer Musiklöwe, Germany
    71.    MTV Europe Music Award "Best Group", Europa
    72.    Jugendpreis Fernlernen 2009 (Bill und Tom Kaulitz), Germany
    73.    BRAVO Otto: Superband - Goldener Otto, Germany
    74.    Audi Generation Award "International", Germany
    75.    Telehit Award "Best International Rock Band", Latein Amerika
    76.    Select Live Awards 2009 "Best International Newbies", Neu Seeland
    77.    Destino Rock "Best Fanclub", Spanien

    78.    NRJ Music Awards "Best Group international", Frankreich
    79.    Goldener Pinguin "Band des Jahres", Österreich
    80.    Goldener Pinguin "Album des Jahres", Österreich
    81.    Bravoora Award "Band des Jahres 2009", Polen
    82.    Emma Award "Best International Act", Finnland
    83.    Radio Regenbogen Award "Band international 2009", Germany
    84.    Walk of Fame der König-Pilsener-Arena für 33.000 verkaufte Tickets, Germany
    85.    Kids Choice Award "Lieblings-Musikstar", Germany
    86.    Deutscher Multimedia Award für, Germany
    87.    Comet 2010 "Bester Liveact", Germany
    88.    Rock Björnen: Best Song international, Schweden
    89.    Rock Björnen: Best Concert of the year, Schweden
    90.    MTV Europe Music Award "Best World Stage Live Performance" 2010

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Comment by Elena Mariana Johnson on April 30, 2011 at 4:24am
Bill shave that beard!
Comment by Aleksander Kaulitz on April 30, 2011 at 2:30am

This list is totaly different..


Comment by Aleksander Kaulitz on April 30, 2011 at 2:28am

On Wikipedia they have 96/97 Awards :s


Comment by Mariebillk on April 30, 2011 at 1:00am
Aliens are the best fans in the world! Aliens are fans of the best band in the world. 90 awards for this band !! YES  THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD ! Great post! Thank you!
Comment by annetted1214 on April 29, 2011 at 11:30pm
90+ awards.  WOW.  Just shows you how unbelievably talented this group really is.  Thanks Cherrytree for this incredible post.
Comment by Salina H. "Lia" on April 29, 2011 at 10:31pm
We are the best fans in the world. We are Tokio Hotel fans. NOT ALIENS. But I am glad that all of us working together and voting got us what we award to let the boys know that we are still here as strong and vibrant as ever. We will ALWAYS support you boys!! <3 Go TH fans! Forever then, forever now, and forever always!
Comment by Glendesign on April 29, 2011 at 10:12pm
YES!! My what a lovely list of awards. I'm so happy to be part of the best fandom in the world! Can't wait to find out what wonderful new songs TH is cooking up for us.
Comment by Adriana on April 29, 2011 at 10:02pm
yay us! congratulations fellow TH fans! we did it again, look at all those awards! we won this award for YOU-Tokio Hotel, we love you<3


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