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Last year before the MTV VMA, I heard there was a band nominated for an award named Tokio Hotel. Well I am in my 50's and I watch the VMA's every year and I enjoy music of all types. Although I must admit usually prefer Hip Hop and R&B. I had overheard my married kids talking about this band Tokio Hotel and their video for Monsoon, they said the video was pretty cool and the lead singer looks really good with all that eye makeup make-up and poofy hair. being the music lover that I am decided let me research them out on the internet. OK, at this time the net in the US wasn't exactly a perfect place to find info on these kids, I did find Tokio Hotel - Wikipedia and began to read about their history. I WAS HOOKED!!!
Since then not a single day goes by that I do not search for anything I can find on what I refer to as the Fab Four for this young generation. I see that You Tube there are loads of videos of these young men, but our beloved MTV who had nominated them for a category had absolutely nothing on them, which to me was just plain weird, ok? And, to their credit they at least now have articles on them. At the time I was also working as a secretary and on my lunch break every day I would search for their picture just to feel like I was getting to know who these talented fabulous entertainers are. Of course this is all just history of last year, because they are now working on putting their next album hopefully this summer. I bought the DVD of their tour in the US, more like them being interviewed while they see their own performances of the past year on tour, which by the way had to be the most exhausting experience of their lives. I waited with much anticipation each Wednesday on You Tube for the video of the week. I cannot stress enough how disappointed I was when in December 2008, Tokio Hotel TV announced they would be resting and no more updates would be provided. The boys came to San Francisco and I could not catch the performance, I was depressed and wanted to cry, and come on I am waaaay too old for this, but I just love their music, and Bill...OMG he such a great singer, with gorgeous eyes and charisma beyond his years. Tom plays a mean guitar and I feel bad for the other two band mates because although they have played together for so many years they just do not get the credit they deserve simply because Bill and Tom are the front men. When they performed at the Euro MTV Awards Monsoon in that water downpour, it was he most amazing performance I have ever witnessed. In October when they performed their last show and hopped on that plane back to Germany I was so bumbed out it was hard for me to work and just function. I felt like I had missed any chance to see them live. There simply are no words to express just how much I love their music, their style and their dedication to their fans. Before I end my story of how much I love them, I thought it was so cute of Tom albeit conceited he stated he was a fan of himself after seeing his own performance at the MTV Euro Awards, I guess he likes to see himself drenched in water playing his guitar.
This is my story; please share with me your fan story. And I want to thank CherryTree Records for allowing us to talk about our thoughts on the artists we most favor. My hands applaud CherryTree!

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