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Hello all :) Today is a sunny day. Time shows " 07:00 " sg time. I was awakened by sound of chirping birds. I was late today. Time shows " 07.30 " alr. I still haven't get ready! Really got no mood at that time. Then, got no time to reply his sms.Take some breakfast, and then quickly ran out for waiting bus. Look at him, and then smile :) In the bus, i really got no mood. He asked me why, i didn't replied him. I just say, " no ". After arrived at school, we walked together. Then, went to canteen with my friend. And then, study like usual. Bell is ringing, it's time for go home! Go to eat miso with my friends. The weather is so hot! After arrived home, i take a short nap. And then, get ready for teaching! After teaching, my friend asked me for take a dinner with her tonight. I promised her. Then, my friend, Jasslyne. Today is her birthday. Wish you stay healthy, and always happy friend :D Don't be naughty anymore :) Sorry, can't attend your birthday party.. You know why? Because, there's got so many strangers.. Maybe, when i went there, i'm INVISIBLE -__- So, i prefer dinner than birthday party. Sorry friend :D After dinner, i went home. Change my clothes, and then brush my teeth. It's time for online! :) But, a little bit sleepy -____- Okay then, i need some sleep now. Byebyeeeee! :) Sleeptight guys, XOXO :D

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