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Thumosaic Brainworks RAC Live Review

RAC stormed on stage with an unseen grace, powerfully demanding our attention while maintaining a casual, “We-are-about-to-blow-your-mind” type of awareness; they commanded the stage. As the music began, and the thumos started flowing, my pupils dilated in a pure lucidity that had me shook. Hands waved, hearts skipped beats, and larynxes were shredded in a chill wave daze, and the hazy stage lit up with strobe lights and a psychedelic LED board gave ambiance to the electronic rocking occurring before our eyes. The live performance was startlingly special, and the tumultuous sound waves crashed in a melodic current of adrenaline. I could not help but balter about blissfully. Let’s just say this: There are no words for the magic of observing an individual living his philosophy; it’s simply fascinating, and I could not help but gaze into the lights.


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