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What can I say about me?...I’m a friendly, sweet and very sensible person…but really decisive ;) I’m rather reserved, especially when I meet people for the first time...I need a little bit to get confidence…but just the time to break the ice and I can be very talkative ^^
I’m often hypercritic...sometimes also too much xD
I love travelling. If I could have the chance, I could do it 365 days a year!! Till now, I've been in Switzerland, Germany, Greece, USA and of course around my beautiful country...Italy. There are lots of places that I still want to visit!
I like listen to music...I'd say...I can't live without it! No matter what kind...It has to give me strong emotions and feelings for taking my attention.
However, my biggest love is DANCE. I’ve studied it for a long time, every dance’s style. It will be always part of me...
What esle? Ah..whenever I can...I go to concerts of my favourites bands! I've just been to lots of shows and I'd like to see more and more!

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