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Things You Need To Know About Mu-ah.

1.) I will chew you out if you say anything about me or things that have no reason to be hated.

2.) I'm gay. [big shocker there :3]

3.) I'm very talkative, so expect me to drop a long blog every once in a while.

4.) I'm a monster. For all of you who don't know what that means, go eat a horse.

5.) I'm a Gaga fanatic. [disco stick, fame glasses, disco glove, ect. in my possession at this time]

6.) You'll think I'm weird once you get to meet me, but you'll get over it sooner or later.

7.) Sadly, my 1st birthday was the day Matthew Shepard was killed. I kinda feel bad for being born that day.

8.) I wanna be a star~. I want The Fame to eat my pop heart so bad I've been clawing at my eyes to drink the blood that resides inside of me.

9.) I don't have a religion, nor do I want one or want to hear someone preach about how something/someone I'm doing is wrong because it's against their religion. I can tolerate it as long as you don't bring up any touchy subjects that reside in it. [ex. see #2]

10.) I'm a freak. I'm a mini Gaga. I. Am. Me.

That's prrretty much all I have to say. And if I do ever cover/sing a new song, I'll be sure to post it here eventually.

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