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it looks like our boys are back... after the time we had nothing of them wich seemed like years!!

they have 2 awards under their belts already... and it looks like the stalker thing is under control <3 yay!

so we all are assuming that they are finally finishing the album!!! i hope so at least. i miss bills voice. in song form of course.... what do you all think the title will be.....i think it is Reset.....My Hotel sound a litttle corny for our boys. and Bill said tht it will be new sounding and something we havent heard before... i hope thats a good thing....

and bills hair... ummm... well i really dont like it that much... i dont think it fits his face as well as i would have hoped... umm... i think i am getting used to it though.... As long as that beautiful face and personality doesnt change much....

so over all the year is already getting better.. AIDS campagne... and 2 award too.. and the stalker thing about gone now (i hope) i can see a great year of 2009 coming!!! and can you believe that our Kaulitz twins will be turning 20 in september!!! i cant.. i remember him when he was a little tike!!! well not personally but you get the picture. They are growing up tooooo fast... i feel like their mother reminiscing aon al their little childhood memories... but its sad!! i want them to be 18 forever!!!!

well thats all for now....waiting and waiting and waiting... bye now!

<333 Ellie !!!! :)

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Comment by Adrianne 〶 on May 28, 2009 at 3:46pm
ohh my god. i know exactly what you mean about reminicing on the childhood pictures.
its kinda sad :[[
but i still love them! xD


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