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Well I did it again. I have added more ink, my third tattoo. I think as far as planning how many tattoos I was going to get, I was thinking I'd stop at three. But a surprise design came to me and I had to get it done.

Those of you who know me and follow my tattoo stories will know that I don't get inked unless it is personal to me and tells a story. Basically my tattoos thus far are insight into my way of life. Things have happened to me, but those things have made me the person I am today, a stronger version of who I used to be.

So this tattoo started from a song lyric, but of course it would evolve into something bigger than just the lyric.The lyric is from a song Morning Light by Palaye Royale. The lyric that stood out to me was "No weapon will defeat you." OK cool, I had something, but I didn't just want to put words down on my skin. I wanted it to be part of a full piece of art, and whatever I ended up choosing to go with the lyric had to be part of the story as well.

It didn't take too long for me to find something: a dandelion. To be specific, the flower as the white puffball. There's something that always intrigued me about them and now was the time to find out why. The more I learned about the flower, the more it made sense for it to be part of the tattoo.

The idea of the design was to have seeds of the dandelion blowing away along with the lyric. Most people would think that once the seeds are blown away that it's the end of that flower. But while reading about dandelions, I found out that the seeds can actually take and grow into dandelions themselves. That said to me that the flower would live on, anew.(Have you started to notice a theme with my tattoos yet?) And the image of the flower would serve as a juxtaposition between the lyric. 

Something else that was new was having this tattoo done by a different artist. I like to think watching Ink Master taught me a little bit about what to look for to go about choosing a new artist. There has to be a great amount of trust. You have a vision but I believe that your artist is the one that really makes it come alive. So I decided on William at Studio City Tattoo.

Now getting the tattoo done...I chose my back for placement. I did debate between the back or my side, but because I am planning a fourth (and final) tattoo I figured this one would look better on my back. Half of the tattoo is on my spine. Did it hurt? When the needle got to that area, yeah a little. But I solider through it. William was great to work with and we have already started talking about that fourth and final tattoo. Stay tuned for that one,  it's going to be sweet. And a's about LA.

Until then here's the third tattoo. 

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