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ok so here's news from THRocks (I quote, not mine!):

Fear for „Tokio Hotel“! A masked girl`s gang is hunting Germany`s most successful rockband.
Is that the reason, why guitarist Tom (19) punched one of the girls at a gas station in Hamburg?

Hamburg – His fans are wondering, why he had lost so much the control about himself.
Is there now a possible explanation for his behaviour?

“Tokio Hotel”-guitarist Tom Kaulitz (19) and his behaviour at a gas station in Hamburg. The musician had punched a young woman (21) in her face, after she had stubbed out a cigarette on his car. She then reported the rockstar to the police.

Bild found out now: The woman shall be part of a stalker-gang from France. They call theirselves “Les afghanes on tour” (The Afghans on tour).
The gang are four girls, who followed the band in the last half year at every step. The young women usually cover their faces or are masked.

The stalker have allegedly also besieged the apartements of the bandmembers. They threw eggs at the musicians`cars, wrote threatening letters and pestered familymembers.
In a threatening letter for “Tokio Hotel”, that Bild has, the girls are maintaining, that they are more than normal fans, and also threat the band for the next weeks with a “little nightmare”.

Further on it`s said:
“Attention!, attention!..We are unhappy. We become impatient.

Even Bill and Tom`s mother shall be threatened and attacked physically last week by the stalker-gang.

“Tokio Hotel”-manager and producer David Jost confirms to Bild these incidents.
He says: “ One of these masked stalker-girls has attacked a family-member of Bill and Tom at April 8th. We have immediately the following day reported the girl to the police and we will now bring more charges against them.”


soooo that's why Tom lost his control!!! they SHOULD press charges against them!!! So people, we have to stick together for Tokio Hotel!!

oh and about the fat bastard called Perez Hilton, 2 things:
1. Tom's a looser? Yeah, so it says the guy who's life sucks and he has to focus on everyone else's lifes for a change! If u ask me... that's lame in every aspect u see it xD
2. Before opening his big fat mouth, he should know the whole story and get his facts right. But you can't ask a lot from idiots, can you?

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Comment by destiny breann thomas on April 19, 2009 at 9:00pm
i agree they just need to back off and get out of their faces
and anyone would get mad and hit the person if they messed wit uur mom
and family they had no resone to do such rude things th did nothin to them except
play their music (which is great ) but i want to hit her to (but i wont) cuz of wat she did
and made lotz of fans look bad wats their deal geez now im so mad
Comment by Aimee Frying Pan on April 18, 2009 at 7:57pm
Man, fans have taken it way too far.
Why the hell would you attack their Mother?!
Thats so not right!
Makes me angry just thinking about it!
Comment by Katy Thompson on April 18, 2009 at 4:00pm
oh my God what the f*** i don't blame Tom at all in this i mean they r attacking his mom if anyone did that to my family i do the same


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