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The Story Of t.A.T.u.: Dangerous Girls Over The Wrong Lane


Is the best Russian Project of all time, selling over 25 million

Albums worldwide and becoming the most successful musical group of Russia.

After their split with Universal Music International in 2006, Julia Volkova and Lena Katina started working with their own label “T.A. Music”, The manager at that time, Boris Renski (Co-Founder of t.A.T.u. With Ivan Shapovalov) was the one responsible for the release of music videos, publicity and distribution  of any new material from t.A.T.u.

After having the world on their hands with the multi platinum awarded album “200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane”, t.A.T.u decided to stop working with their Manager & producer, the creator of t.A.T.u.: Ivan Shapovalov. It must've been hard for him being kicked out all of a sudden, after all, he was the person responsible of taking them to the big leagues.

12 Millions Albums Sold,  over 20 Awards, 200 Concerts performed in 27 countries, Julia and Lena themselves, their success. Press release affirm that Ivan was interested on making more scandals instead of a Quality Album for the project. The girls want it to show to the entire world they could perform with their talent and not scandals on stage. The Show Bussines was skeptical about a 2nd album of the band after the whole “lesbian couple” image. t.A.T.u. fired Ivan, and released a brand new album with everything the girls had on their hands: Fame, Fans & their luck.

In 2005, t.A.T.u. Release their second studio album “Dangerous and Moving”, they finally showed up what were they made off: Quality and not Scandals

Selling over 2 million copies Worldwide, having a Promo tour for over a year, sold out concerts in 12 countries,  the fans and the entire world Finally recognize that t.A.T.u. is The #1 Pop Duo in music industry.

“The Best” album was released on 2006 by Universal Music, was the Goodbye for t.A.T.u. from their record label. Experts qualify the album has “5 Stars”, but many affirm that was to soon for a compilation album, for a really young band that only had 2 albums released.

On 2008 their 3rd Studio Album ”Waste Management” was announced. After almost 3 years the album finally was released on 2011. Not having allot of success the girls decided to Break-Up and put the project t.A.T.u. on pause, so both girls could start a Solo career on the industry.

The Album had quality by itself on the music, but the low promotion and delays on the release made the fans stop believing on the project. The Album didn’t hit any important chart, it just was released over Latin America & Russia has physical edition and no concerts were offered by the girls, just promo presentations in Russia, Ukraine and USA.

There's allot of rumors that why t.A.T.u. Split up: difference between the girls, mismanagement of the band,  even the pregnancy from Volkova.

But, however one thing is clear,  they left a successful project behind and millions of fans waiting for a reunion.

According to Pop culture and Music Experts , t.A.T.u. is Pure Gold on music industry, and no one understands the Break-up.

The most of the fans (and the project management) agree that the duo's stability became weak when Boris Renski took the charge of the whole project.

Delays on the release's of albums and music videos, no promotion at all, canceled concerts: t.A.T.u. Was falling apart.

In March 2011, the news we all knew became official:

t.A. T.u. Was breaking UP

Boris Renski declared on a press release that he didn’t want to keep working With Julia  Volkova, due to she wasn’t professional and didn’t had any interest on t.A.T.u. project.

Boris offered his management to Lena Katina. The same day that project t.A.T.u. Ended, Lena Katina Project began, on the same office, leaving Julia by herself on music industry.

Katina released an Official video “Never forget”, her first international single has a solo artist. She recorded with various artist has a collaboration and the Remixed version of “Never Forget” hit #1 On Billboard Charts. No Official Album was released.

Katina also had concerts were she performed various t.A.T.u. Songs over Russia, USA and Europe.

But not everything was going well...

She finally decide to leave Boris Renski on October 2012. After almost 3 years of writing songs, record with other artists and having a brand new album ready for release, Boris couldn’t find a record label for Lena Katina. The Media affirms that’s the reason of why Lena's Project has well t.A.T.u. didn’t had any success under the Boris management.

Julia Volkova release several songs with her own style and new genre, becoming well known over Europe. Her single “I Didn’t wanna do it” became #1 on Russian radio, and she signed a contract with Gala records, a division of BMG in Russia. Having concerts, music videos and solo presentations, Julia had success by herself, but not the same has t.A.T.u. .

On November 2012, t.A.T.u.'s Multi platinum album

200 Km/h in The Wrong Lane had his 10th Year Anniversary.

Cherrytree records, one of the biggest record labels was in charge of the release of the historic album. An Unreleased song plus a brand new remix by Fernando Garibay was included on this Gold edition. Finally the fans were having a new moment with t.A.T.u., their girls, their life, their Duo..  Both girls Together, just like the very first time.
The rumors of an imminent reunion exploded all over the internet, with the media and fans having the eyes on the girls, they reunite after 3 years of silence.


Lena Katina and Julia Volkova decided to perform on “The Voice” Romany edition

to celebrate the anniversary of most successful  Album of the duo up to date.

“All The Things She Said” & “All About Us” were the 2 hits performed on Stage.

After having many interviews on Russia and Romany, the question Stills in the air:

Is t.A.T.u. Coming back?

The press and music experts agree on one thing: Nobody cares of Julia and Lena Solo projects, The public wants t.A.T.u., both girls together, The Duo.

They made what no one could in Russia, Sell Millions of albums, had World Tours, Perform for Up To 50 000 People and became well known all over the Globe.

After this unexpected, but very good release of the anniversary album, the fans, that believe on a reunion since day 1,  keep waiting for an answer from their Idols. No one knows, no one confirms, no one have's and idea: Just the girls themselves  know if they’re coming back.

Meanwhile everything we have left is faith for them to come back and be on the top of the world, one more time.


The Fans, the music, the feelings, that’s the legacy of t.A.T.u.

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