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The Seattle Times - City Arts Fest and Robyn's Mature Dance Pop

In 2005, Robyn began using harder and more humorous feminist language in her music — "One right, one left, that's how I organize 'em," she sings, joking about her breasts, "You know I fill my cups, no need to supersize 'em" — and favoring a slightly darker electronic sound. Thus began the era of Robyn we have today. She hasn't released an album since 2010's excellent "Body Talk" and has no single on the radio, but can tour because she has loyal fans.

Sweating it out on the dance floor or hunched over an elliptical machine is ideal for listening to "Body Talk," which can be a healing experience: beats thump through your spinal cord, lyrics massage your brain with positive messages. If you have an electronic dance music bone in your body, you should listen, because what Robyn says is true: you don't need cosmetic plastic surgery, it's OK to dance on your own — and pop music doesn't have to be stupid.

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