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A few songs that have struck some very strong cords on me as of late. With Cinema Bizarre, you have "My Obsession" and "In Your Cage" - lyrics so strong they speak to me. Pull me with such insistence that I need to follow them and make my own way like that. That's such an intimate feeling listening to those songs. They're very empowering.

Much of the same strong feelings from many songs on the new Tokio Hotel album Humanoid. I'd promised it to myself for Christmas, but I'm weak and somehow I ended up buying it through iTunes (still determined to get a hard copy for Christmas too - I wand that German album version!!!)

With that album you've got what almost seem to be war cries. They're dark, and determined. Sad, but so positive at the same time. It shows such a deep understanding of what's going on, and touching others with the same thoughts. It just makes you want to get up and prove yourself. "Zoom Into Me" and "Phantomrider" are the first two off the top that spoke to me. "Hey You" is such an awesome and fun song. Part of those catchy beats that suck you right in and before you know it the lyric hooks you and you're really listening with all your heart. We can do this.

Two great albums from two of Germany's finest.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what else these guys can do. Feeling like they're king of the worlds that can do anything they set their minds to right now.

I suppose that could be the Zolpidem (Ambien) talking, but who knows?

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