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Every girl has an idea
of what she wants in a guy.
He's very hard to find,
but us girls always try.
I found that man once.
He was all I ever wished for.
He was smart, funny,
sweet, and much more.
With him, I felt happy.
There was so much trust.
Our friendship was great but
something was growing between us.
We were so close
to being together,
yet so far away
since he was taken forever.
I lost him before I had him.
It was so hard for me.
But sometimes I think
it was never meant to be.
How to get over him
I honestly don't know.
I still try my best
not to let it show.
And till this day,
in my heart it's him I see,
'cause in the end, he still is
the man of my dreams.

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Comment by Alex Steve on January 20, 2012 at 4:14am

When at times I feel like running 
away, to your arms is where I want
to stay... to feel your touch you'll
ease my pain, happiness in my
heart I know I'll gain... from day
one I knew you'd be, the love of
my life for all of me... when I
looked into your eyes I saw so
much, wanting each time to feel
your touch... when I was down and
feeling blue, you wrapped your
arms around me and said I love
you... your gentle touch your soft
embrace, the sweet smile on your
face... my heart was set my life
complete, for I knew I was in love
with you my sweet... I wanted to
cry tears of joy, being with you I
always enjoy... your fragrance had
me wanting you more, I couldn't
find myself walking out your
door... I was madly in love with
what could be, the woman of my
dreams I saw for me..anyways i work 
for a portable displays company in new
zealand and good to be here on this blog really 
interesting and lively


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