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The Making Of A Great Artist And Performer

Dan Exactly the performer , the artist , the writer is more than just your average

new artist or computer discovery. He is the next biggest mainstream hit to come out

since the days of Oasis , Jovi , and U2 . With live instruments fused with great writing

there is nothing that can stop him from greatness but fear, and when I say fear meaning

he takes a chance on his music not being scared to mix his sound with many formats and

no programmer radio or TV can place him because he has that great product that can take

you on a road through Hip-hop , Rock, Jazz , Pop and Dub step and more not to label him

at all but when you hear the all age friendly Two Left Feet to the Soulful The Ocean

Blue. The upcoming stand out hit Lover In Me will bring fans new and old into any

club or arena to hear him play his set and from watching his videos on Vevo , YouTube

I got a feeling this is not the last time my writers new , old will read my write

ups about this great talent because there is no limits to were 2014 will take him

and if you guys have not seen his videos I will link all his products below my

Blog entry because as the winter starts to come in the radio is getting warmer Dan

Exactly the making of a great talent and performer.

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