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A day in the life of Bill Kaulitz
Forget everything you know about the TH-cutie! Only here you'll learn what really goes through his mind...

1:46 pm
Loud moaning in the tourbus. Someone has a groupie, once again - just great! It definitely wasn't Tom, even though he always brags the most, he gets scared when it is getting serious. Maybe it is one of the bodyguards who promised the fans backstage passes. But where the hell are we? Bulgaria? France? Italy? Definitely in a foreign country, where the concerts are still sold out...

2:05 pm
The moaning is unbearable. Same goes for my reflection in the mirror. And the last can of hairspray is empty. What a crappy day!

2:23 pm
I risk a look outside my bunk. Tom is sorting - very concentrated - bras. He always collects them after a show and acts as if they are from groupies he f*****. Our roadie is playing a killer game on the play station. Ah, here's Gustav! I think he is also a bandmember. I have to get away fast, all this blood is making me dizzy...

2:57 pm
Totally depressed. Tom was making fun of me because I had (once again) a stupid interview about love with the "Bravo". About my dream-woman. Asshole. And besides: Why does he get a big car as a gift and me not?! Maybe I should finally get my driver's licence...

3:22 pm
F***! F***! F***! A strand of my hair got stuck in my silver necklace and I lost once again some extensions. And the nail polish on my pinkie is splitting. Now I have to smoke a cigarette. But on the tourbus-loo, because the fans are not supposed to know. Because of me being an idol and so on. Infront of the bus are little fangirls and they are screaming "Biiiilll, isch will ein Kind von dir!" (AN: "Bill, make me a baby!" - the newspaper is making fun of the french accent). and "Show me your white sauce!" What?! Am I a cook, or what? I'm sure you can also get white sauce in foreign countries...

3:40 pm
Finally our manager arrives. Hounded and with an insane look in his eyes. He's talking something about "writing a hit!" "US-market" and "world domination". We get into a van with shadowed windows. Isn't someone missing? Yeeees, Gregor, ehm, Georg. He's also in the band.

4:19 pm
Finally! A make-up artist makes me look human! Today we have a TV-show on our schedule. Damn, I still have no clue about where we are.

6:15 pm
The host is asking us questions in a language I don't understand. Is always saying something like "Turdeiffel" (Eiffeltower) and "Allömanjö" (Germany) Tom is just talking about the 1.452 groupies he f***** already. S***, Gustav is missing! Someone forgot him in the van. Now we have to start all over again.

8:12 pm
"Billy, it's stage-time soon!" Oh, we have concert. I still have to finish the table-tennis game with Tom. The dumbass is once again winning. The fans are singing our songs and I am really touched.

9:21 pm
There is a big buffet backstage. But there is only disgusting stuff. Shrimps and caviar and stuff like that. I prefer a "Happy Meal" (AN: the kids menu from McDonalds. I think it is called different in some countries). A little bit of whining and the bodyguard is getting me one. Being a star is great.

Got voted "Second Most Annoying German" and Tom is making fun of me. Idiot! Frustrated, I'm pulling out some of my hair. But I have to keep smiling and sign stuff for the fans. They are screaming soooo loud ("Bill, Isch liebe disch!") that my ears are ringing. I hope I don't have tinnitus. Gustav already has that and since then he is a bit weird.

11:52 pm
Am really tired. But our manager wants to go in some stripclub with us. "Bravo" and "Bild" are with us. I'm supposed to put a dollar note in some girl's pants, but I'm too scared. But Tom thinks it is really cool.

1:22 am
Back in the bus the knowledge:
S***, forgot to buy hairspray. I'm thinking about where we've been today. Could have been france - the people in the stripclub always called me "Madame".

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Comment by alexsis on March 30, 2009 at 2:11pm
oh..... okay...:>
Comment by Anna Rootbeer xD on March 29, 2009 at 3:06pm
HAHAHAA!!! Gregor...ehm..Georg
HAHAHAAA!!! a little bit of whining and i got one!!
the second most annoyin german...HAHAHAAA!!!
i think we were in frnce...everyone in the club was calling me 'madame'
Comment by alexsis on March 27, 2009 at 2:37pm
.............and how do you know this????????


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