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The Knux - Birdy's - Indianapolis, IN. 12/1/11.

What a pleasure to see the Knux.  This band understands feel and how to use their influences to enhance their music without you thinking its blatant.  I heard so many influences in their work but could never say that they copied their heroes....they infused (infusions) those influences into a sound all their own..I heard rock, punk, psychedelia, stoner rock,  and their personalized stamp of how they write and construct songs all rolled into one.  That was fun as well as makes for some great music.  

I can say that all in attendance where huge Knux fans because they knew all the words, even the songs prior to the 2011 Eraser release.  Krispy and Joey took the stage and proceeded to play songs that live came across as anthems, without the benefit of a light show.  They gave us a 15 song fist pumping set powered by a small Vox amp and a fender fat strat that if you closed your eyes, you could have sworn it was Jimi Hendrix or Terry Kath hypnotizing the audience.  Their performance was raw and polished all at once.


Set List:

The Road

She's So Up




The Train


I See Stars


You Can't Lose


Dead World

Beautiful Liar


Bang! Bang!


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Comment by Cherrytree Radio on December 4, 2011 at 4:19pm

Good job, Poly.  Sounds like a great show and a great time!


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