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HELLYEAH! drawing TOHO logo has been my addiction.

-I'm not easy to impress.But they(TOHO) did.

-I'm so dumb when it comes to countries location (i even said that Australia is in Europe, how dumb was that?). But they made me learn that GERMANY is in EUROPE. (now, i'm more knowledgeable when it comes to locations coz of them...i really don't like studying maps not until now..)

-I'm so in love with my country that i don't wanna learn foreign languages (except 4 english,that's our 2nd language). But they made me a traitor of my own philosophy. I'm now studying their language.

-I'm not used to watch music videos. But they made me spent several hours and sometimes a whole day before my PC just to watch their music videos and listen to their songs.

-I'm not buying any dvds and cds of artists. But they made my pocket light that i don't have any money anymore (and surely my parents would kill me if i ask any amount for them (TOHO)

-I'm a very simple student who just wants a simple life. But they made me think of going to Germany to meet them.

-I'm a very active and attentive when it comes to school recitations. But they made me so fond of them that i drew their LOGO at the back of my notebook and have my headset tuck in my ears.

( That was all)

-camzjustliebTOHO. youdon'tcare,

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