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The music business flourishes with the internet. It seems as though as just about anyone can get music around in a split second! *cue legal copyright issues!* The sad and troubling thing is that artists cannot be at peace when they know that people are getting there tracks without paying. Where do we as people fit in a situation like this? What about the 100s and 1000s of people trying there best tracks up for exposure?

With these questions in mind, I fear that the music industry has become a society of every man/woman for themselves. You see it, don't kid yourself! You can feel it in your gut as you try and contact a big successful record company to distribute your music abroad... they don't seem to be replying, you think "Am I doing this right?"

but, lets be honest people here. There is no right or wrong, in an individualist society... YOU fight for YOU and that ensures that the system is working!

Everyone's happy, right?

no im not, i am angry that i have to live in a individualistic society and i also have to rely on others for help because im in a wheelchair!! I am very angry that the music industry operates on this individualism as well... this needs to change because i cannot see myself living comfortably in this society. Its hard for me, my parents, and my music creation!

lets try being collectivist


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