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13 November - Quebec City

At HMV in Quebec for the instore signing


Red Foo of LMFAO signs a Party Rec'ers Arm.


Natalia Kills and Rye Rye sign autographs at HMV in Quebec City.

@fareastmovement: Shouts to the Quebec city bassheads. Hmv @cherrytreerec instore was madness. 


The Cherrytree Gang backstage in Quebec City


Far East Movement and Frankmusik perform 'Rocketeer' in Quebec.


Far East Movement and Colette Carr perform Go Ape!


Natalia Kills performs 'Free' with Frankmusik and DJ Virman


LMFAO tearing it up in Quebec.


@LMFAO: Check out our Sold Out show in Quebec City, Canada baby babieees!! #CherrytreePopAlternativeTour


@CherrytreeRec:Quebec City, you came to Rec tonight. What a crowd! Merci beaucoup! #CherrytreePopAlternativeTour


November 14 - Toronto

Big screen ad for the Cherytree Pop Alternative tour in Toronto.
(Photo Credit: Polyester Starfish)


Backstage Natalia Kills and Colette Carr photobomb this picture of Kay and @tamielsombati

@tamielsombati: Thank you to @cherrytreerec for one of the best experiences I've had! Best of luck with the rest of the tour! Xoxo


Brass Monkey crashes the stage with Far East Movement and Colette Carr


Natalia Kills performs 'Mirrors' in Toronto.


@Zoloworld: Me, @TayshawnPrinse and @NataliaKills. aint she beautiful guys.


Frankmusik autographs a Rec'ers shoe.


@arjanwrites: There's a zebra on the loose


@ArjanWrites: It's a @cherrytreerec family affair.


@ColetteCrazy: I sprayed cherrytree cola all over the first 5 rows tonight during SHOTS w. LMFAO & the entire Cherrytree Pop Alternative tour! STICKY icky


@PolyesterStarfish:  my awesome momento from the Toronto show. #CherrytreePopAlternativeTour

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Comment by AmyPond on November 16, 2011 at 4:34am

Wow....biggest show LOL

awww Amazinnnnnnnnn........

Comment by Mih on November 16, 2011 at 1:27am

This is amazing guys.........!!!!!!!!!!!

God!!!! How much I would like.........

Comment by Anthony Arcos on November 15, 2011 at 9:58pm

Looks like an amazing show. I'm crossing my fingers for a US tour.

Comment by SarahLynn on November 15, 2011 at 8:52pm

UGHHH I WANT TO GOOOOO. i also want that shirt that says Cherry Cherry Boom Boom on it DDDDD: COME TO THE US!!!!! PLEAAAAAZEEE FL or TN if possible Q______Q


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