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Hello babies!

I spent the whole last week getting ready for upcoming Cherrytree Pop Alternative Tour in Canada. Staff, managers and the whole crew is busy with boring business tasks and who is going to do the creative part? – That’s right – ME! :)

Artists are rehearsing , getting nervous , wondering what to wear, Redfoo is teasing his afro and tanning his cheeks. Skyblu is wiggling and counting his “Oprah dough,” while all the Party Rock crew are working out, cause , well, you know, they work out… I am working on my special choreography of popping and tipping to be ready to be tasted on stage by the cast of the Cherrytree Pop Alternative tour.


Check out the full blog entry at the Cherrytree Cola Party Blog.


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Comment by Awe ElectroHop on November 16, 2011 at 4:31am

Both of them are very friendly and funny. OMG i really love them.
Yesterday afternoon i was nervous and i forgot to take a picture with them, even now i ask my self "Why !?!"... 


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