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::: an old and corny poem i wrote...but I like it :P :::

What was in your lips that stimulated this
This feeling
What was in your voice that urged me to
To Smile
Perfect, but not so? In my eyes no
Mistake by God was made…
Same feelings strike in the heart of a million others at that very moment
But, was any more pure a feeling than mine?
Or is it all rubbish that will fade with time?
I fear feelings will fade,
But what I felt that moment
Will remain true forever
What does it mean?
There is some Eerie connect I feel
Your action, my actions, time, day
Your thoughts, mine
But reality would only leave 1985
As the only commonality between us
And everything else fall under coincidence
It meant nothing, and means nothing
Only in madness could the sense in it be found
Madness will come
No time soon

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