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Tears on the Dance Floor: Behind Robyn and Röyksopp's 'Do It Again'

"The three of us were in a particular place and space in our lives, where things were perhaps a bit bleak," Berge adds. "So, in a way, we were all starting from square one, with no real intention other than to take our time and make what we wanted. And value every opinion, and I think that that translated well into the music."

The songs on Do It Again reflect the scope of those collaborative efforts. The opening track, "Monument," expands gradually over the course of 10 maudlin minutes, and as does the closer, "Inside the Idle Hour Club." In between are three songs that wallop and gallop, with the title track serving as an effervescent anchor. Yet, it's an EP with LP ambitions, one that puts instant gratification on the back burner in favor of mood and atmosphere. It's an effort that marks a definite departure for both acts (Robyn in particular). In short, it's more than mere dance music; it's an actual conceptual piece.

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