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When I first moved to Michigan as a kid, my folks would take my sister and me to a place called Miller's Ice Cream in Okemos. Thanks to a schoolmate and son of my dad's work colleague who'd always order the same, I learned to ask for a ginger ale float. It was always delicious.

But, I couldn't figure out why, when I'd order a ginger ale float elsewhere, it never tasted as good as the ones at Miller's. It was years later when I finally figured out that Miller's used Vernor's (local ginger ale) to make their ginger ale floats.

I guess that experience, along with my gradual exposure to the exotic flavors of other local Michigan pops like Faygo and Town Club as well as out-of-state imports Nehi (I loved Peach), solidified my discerning appreciation for the art of the soda pop.

So, years later, when faced with the opportunity to launch our own beverage at Cherrytree, we partnered with renown beverage makers Fentimans from Newcastle, England to create the original, robust and unmistakable taste of Cherrytree Cola. We wanted it to be bold and tasteful to accompany Cherrytree's progressive music and culture.

Thus, Cherrytree Cola was born and we're proud to say that it's been making its way into your favorite retailers around the globe. You can check out locations by visiting

Also, you can watch a little youtube clip featuring big Cherrytree Cola fans Far East Movement right here:

Drink the Music spot feat. Far East Movement

Enjoy the taste and remember to Drink the Music (TM).


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Comment by Nana Diana on April 28, 2013 at 8:22pm
thanks.. :)


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