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Tuesday 6th.

Humanoid is out today and it's getting a fair bit more hoo ahhh on twitter than Toyz did. Maybe it's the US interest driving the marketing. Thats on the plus side I guess. Well done to TH for making top 10 on iTunes. Not my cup of tea but I'm not one to knock good talent when I see it. Automatic is pretty catchy I might just buy that one.

Today I'm sure Nottinghamshire must have had 10mm of rain, it's not stopped. Winter is approaching along with standing in line outside concert halls as gig season approaches. Speaking of which:-

Next week is my big... 4...0.. birthday or as refer to it, I'll be 21 plus 19. So apart from planning a few nights out with my mates, my family were going to fly down to Spain for a few days at the end of October.

My eldest daughter was going to tag along with me while I go see Cinema Bizarre in concert as my birthday treat to myself, but...

The car goes and breaks down needs an AA lorry to pick it up and take it to VW. Some tinkering for a day and one new oil gauge type thing later. The cost? £720!! What planet are mechanics on? £141 on new oil, £30 on parts and the rest on labour. Do they understand that they are now preventing me from catching up with my 2nd favourite band? NOPE not a cats chance in hell!

So Barcelona and the Cinema Bizarre gig are off. Frustrated is an understatement, angry is getting there. It's a good job I love the car or it would just simply HAVE TO GO. Happy Birthday to me for next week.

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