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This is about friends who say they are friends but it turns out that there are actually reasons that they befriended you, one of these friends was being vindictive, the other just being stupid, and so he was the only one I forgave.

Summer was the best time ever,
a time we didn't reach our teather,
I spent the time with friends,
and I started out a new trend,
I met a girl and fell for her,
I didn't realise it was a big lure,
a trap I fell into,
a trap that lost me two,
after a break up you normally lose one,
but one was not enough for you,
you had to take another; unfortunatly he is dumb,
he doesn't realise what he's done,
but soon it will hit him,
he will have a party and no-one will come,
and then you will be in the bin,
because you did it again,
so then you won't have any friends.

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