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It's so crazy how all of this came to a reality, well, my dream into a reality.

It all started on February 19th, when I went to the Robyn/Natalia Kills show in Houston, Texas. Natalia is my favorite so as soon as she left the stage to go to the back, I knew I had to meet her. While in line some dude was a creeping a picture of me (not realizing who it is at first) so eventually I remembered I was rocking my Cherry Tree Rec shirt, and who the creeper was it was Mr. Martin K and wasn't creepy at all, he was just excited I was showing the love (which landed a picture in his photo blog!). We got to talking and me never shutting up and both of our passions for music lead to me asking what it would take to one day work for cherry tree. His reply was want to start at SXSW? Well of course who would say no to the start of the journey for their dream. The rest of the night was a blur, I was just so starstruck and all starry eyed couldn't believe what had just happened.


Wednesday March 19th, was the first day everyone showed up, I met up with Kelvin and Scott at the hotel then we met up with Andrea and we went to see Ellie Goulding, which was totally amazing.


The next day I was put to a test...which was very frustrating. Kelvin and Scott told me to "Find a Microphone" that was it, and maybe try the convention center. That was a very hard task especially since I didn't have a badge, which meant i cant get into anything. I had to sweet talk my way into the convention center after two failed attempts, but being persistent I got into it and got THE VERY LAST mic rental, I totally saved the day in about an hour. Soon after we got to Interview Ellie Goulding for a Pop Chop.


Everything was on such a tight schedule so we were constantly on the go, no time to eat, nap just go from point a to point B and get there on time. It all got better when we got to see The Knux perform later on, they are the coolest guys I have ever met!



I was super excited when Frankmusik got there because he chilled with us the whole time and was wicked funny and a joy to be around, even though he made fun of me for using hand sanitizer... and was great we all went to another Ellie show together and we broke off and went with Andrea to go try to see her man Dirty Beaches, but we somehow missed him all in all it was a great day.


The Perez Hilton party was a smash, and Frank did such a great job on his performance the crowd reacted to him very well. I think I am still processing everything that happened and all the people I met.


I just wanted to thank Martin for this opportunity and wouldn't have got to do this without him. Big Thanks to Kelvin, Andrea, Scott and Arjan for letting me tag along and help along the way this is an experience I will never forget, I appreciate it so much! See you guys soon when I move out there. I was very honored to be your Texas Cherry Tree Intern

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Comment by Ethan on April 5, 2011 at 7:58pm
so cool!
Comment by Brandon Sandoval on April 1, 2011 at 10:23pm
Thanks man!
Comment by Cherrytree Radio on April 1, 2011 at 7:28pm
Awesome Brandon, way to go!


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