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The Swine Flu is an epidemic that is currently affecting Mexico and unfortunately it's spreading to some other countries causing quite a variety of social problems.

At the begining of the epidemic nobody thought it was going to get so bad, as a governtment decrete there was no school since last friday (I thought that was cool at first but now I wanna go back), then on saturday I went to Puebla to visit my grandma (Puebla is a neighbor state), for my surprise everybdy stayed away from me (T.T).

The number of people infected increased but till that point the number of deaths due to the virus were uncertain, on monday, I was watching a press conference about the recent events with my momma and my bro and there was an earthquake. (Is this an attempt to kill mexicans? An epidemic and then an earthquake? I hope it isn't)
The earthquake wasn't so bad so we moved on.

So well, this week has been absolutely boring, no to mention stressful and worrying. I've baked, a sign that something's not right and yesterday my 8 year-old cousin had to spend his b-day locked in his house, I gave him a cake, that made him a little happy, Another decree says that nobody is going to work until May 6.
(Ok, that was my POV)

A lot of actions are being taken right now, Mexico wants to get over this as soon as possible so mexicans stop being affected and also because we don't want to affect other countries.

I wrote this so you could see an average mexican's POV, and also to ask you to do me a favor:

PRAY!! pray for Mexico (please), pray for your countries, PRAY FOR YOUR FAMILIES!!!
I know that if we all act as a whole we can get over this quicker, GOD is going to help us through this.

One family mankind, one home the Earth



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Comment by Maria TH on February 21, 2011 at 1:31am
Thanks for messaging me <3 I will pray for Family, Friends, and Mexico. Your strong girl :) and after this is over we then Thank God for nothing to serious happen. We TH fans are here for you <3 RIP for those who have fallen and damaged in this disaster <3
Comment by Monica {College Student} on May 7, 2009 at 3:00pm
I share your concern cause her in Louisiana we have 27 cases but only 7 are confirmed to be swine flu. I will keep mexico in my prayers and hope that help and vaccines come quickly so that nobody else dies.
Comment by SilverTraum on May 1, 2009 at 11:24am
Oh dear....=*...I'm so sorry for this horrible situation...Swine flu has come to spread also here in europe...I pray and I'll pray every day for mexico, for your family, for my europe, and for all the world...
God is always with us...we are not alone :) XOXOXOXO
Comment by Eryn on May 1, 2009 at 10:50am
Wow, I am so very sorry that you, your family, friends, and neighbors are having to go through all of this. What is happenng is terrible, and as humans, you must feel very powerless against natural desastors like eathquakes and flus and such. I had my school closed a few months ago because it was damaged from a fire. So I know how you feel about missing school (ironic as that sounds lol). I can't immagine how it is to not go out of your own house though. You seem like a very strong girl so I know that you will be ok. God will protect you and your family. I will pray for you all, and pray that no one else will be affected by these horrible events. :) :) :) :)


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