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Support BANG! American fan action....!

Good Thursaday all...

So...the last day or so people have been twittering about a possible August concert date here in the US to support BANG!....well i have news about that.

I just got done chatting with the man in charge and here is or convo...

The net is all a buzz...people are talking about a concert date for America in August so what's up with it?

There are no concerts set up for august. But its too early to tell at this point. We have a US tour planed for mid October though. I will send you the dates asap. But if the US media is interested CB will come over around the album release date for Promotion.

So...then we talked about options for getting the boys over here. And this is what needs to be done.

What we as fans need to do is request that Cherrytree Records (as the US record company for CB) bring Cinema Bizarre over here in August to do the support for BANG! To do that i have gathered the informaton we need to flood Cherrytree records with the requests.

Please keep the messages short and sweet and to the point please. And in the messages you leave please include your first name and the state where you live.

There are 3 ways to leave your messages...

To Cherrytree directly....
Link to message Cherrytree

To Scott (one of the men in charge)
Link to message Scott

To Martin (one of the men in charge)
Link to message Martin

I will be honest with you fan to of right now there is nothing at all planned through management for us in America to support BANG! and the only way to change that is for us to want it changed. So it is up to you with what you is your chance to have the influence on what happens.

So i leave it in your hands friends/fans/America......<3

Have a good Thursday..




Words cannot express how much I love Mel for doing this even though she's not even official anymore. Respect.


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