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Well it's Sunday in England and no rapture to be seen!  Here's how the week fares:

- A painful next few 12 hour work days (in order to finish up).  On the plus side, I've actually got moneyy.

- Two BIG meetings; one midweek and one at the end.

- Will be back in London by the end of the week!

- Bought a new apartment!

- Have spent a stupid amount of cash and will be spending even more soon :(!  (New camera, new equipment, apartment, ?kindle 3?, plane tickets for summer).

- New equipment and the London studio has been fixed up!

- Finished a collaboration track with a mate; more on that later.

- Lots of good vibes all around - very excited to be heading back!  News that some of the cherrytree lot are coming down to London shortly has made the week!  (Hopefully I manage to get entry though!!!)


Stay tuned :D

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